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This form is for indication purposes only. When we put a Village Hall on cover we always confirm the exact details/options, and itemise them for the sake of clarity, thus allowing you to keep all the details on your files. However, we keep detailed records on your behalf for when you may require them. 

Hint 1: When you click the 'send' button at the end of the form, if your submission is successful the form will disappear and a message saying 'Thank you for your submission' will appear at the top of the screen. If this does not happen then you have not answered one or more of the questions and you will need to scroll back through the form to complete the highlighted question(s) and then 'send' again. If the form doesn't send then we will not receive your details.

Hint 2: When completing the form, you can move down to the next question by pressing the TAB key on the left of your keyboard (just above CAPS LOCK).

The information that you provide to us when completing this form must be to the best of your knowledge and belief complete and accurate.

If you decide to take up the policy and any information you provided is not complete and accurate:

  • Your Insurer may cancel your policy and refuse to pay any claim, or
  • Your Insurer may not pay any claim in full, or
  • Your Insurer may revise the premium and/or change any excess, or
  • The extent of the cover may be affected

VillageGuard™ - Village Hall Insurance Quotation Request Form

Contact and Village Hall Details

Contact Details

The person/contact who handles insurance matters

Village Hall Details

e.g. (XYZ Village Hall Management Committee or Trustees)

Please drag the Marker to the exact location of the Village Hall

* Mandatory fields
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