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Urgent COVID-19 Information
Urgent COVID-19 Information

Please read the following information and recommendations,

Our priority at Allied Westminster is ensuring the welfare of our staff and being able to support our clients during this COVID-19 virus crisis. As a client of Allied Westminster you are in safe and capable hands. We have activated our Business Continuity Plan and have fragmented our staff to multiple locations to protect them, and all are connected to our systems and telephony. System integrity is robust, and assures continuity of compliance with GDPR, and efficient file management and administration. 

For us to help you in these difficult times, and to optimise both speed and efficiency, please plan the following:

  • If you have not already done so, and only if practical, please let us have details of additional contacts who can deal with insurance communications. This will allow us to engage with the nominated contact/s in the event of a claim or other insurance matter, keeping things totally compliant in terms of GDPR. This is especially important right now when key contacts may suffer as a result of the COVID-19 virus. Either email information to insurance@alliedwestminster.com or CLICK HERE and submit information.
  • Please let us communicate as much as possible by email, rather than phone or Royal Mail, as this will be the most rapid and efficient means of communication. Finally, we would also prefer at this time to send any documentation via email as much as possible to avoid hands-on and physical contact through the entire postal process.
  • If possible, please make any payments to Allied Westminster (policy renewals, adjustments, etc.) by way of electronic bank transfer. We will always supply banking information as and when required. This is also the case for any payments from us to you, we would always make payment by a bank transfer for any claims or refunds. This saves you from having to go to the bank and helps avoid any postal delay. In such circumstances we would ask for your bank details for any transfers.


We wish you and your families good health through these difficult times.

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