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Hopefully you will find the following links useful and informative. If you can think of any other links that we can add to help Village Hall trustees and management committees, then please let us know.

  • VillageGuard VillageGuard

    Designed by Allied Westminster and underwritten by Aviva, VillageGuard™ typically provides substantial cost savings because it's the only village hall insurance policy underwritten in favour of well-managed village halls in rural locations.

    Go to http://www.villageguard.com

  • Library Insurance
    Specialist insurance for community and independent libraries across the UK

    We recognise that both community and independent libraries are under constant financial strain, and therefore prudent financial management is crucial. Accordingly, Allied Westminster seeks to provide extremely cost effective premiums, which means saving money, without compromising on cover.

    Go to http://www.libraryinsurance.co.uk/

  • Acre Acre
    Action with Communities in Rural England

    Action with Communities in Rural England is the national umbrella of the Rural Community Action Network (RCAN), which operates at national, regional and local level in support of rural communities across the country.

    Go to http://www.acre.org.uk/

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